Cocoa powders are the most concentrated source of cocoa color and taste. Cocoa powders enhance the flavor, color, texture and mouth feel of countless food products, which is why food manufacturers who care passionately about quality know that choosing the right cocoa powder for their applications is essential.


ADM Cocoa’s deZaan™ brand of premium cocoa powders has been recognized for decades as an industry standard of excellence. From natural and alkalized powders to reduced and higher fat contents—the deZaan range possesses an unequalled array of unique colors and distinctive cocoa flavors. Our product support and development teams work closely with customers to develop customized solutions when innovation is the order of the day. We also offer additional regional brands in limited product ranges that represent an impressive combination of quality and value.





Cocoa powders are used in cereals, snacks, beverages, dairy products, ice cream and frozen desserts, baked goods, confectionery; and compound coatings, as well as in instant products and other dry mixes and premixes.

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Natural: Natural processed cocoa powders have a yellowish-brown color and a pronounced chocolate flavor, with some fruity notes. Natural cocoa powders are used in applications like compound coatings, bakery products, spreads, syrups, fudges, frostings, toppings, creams, and chocolate confectionery.





Lightly Alkalized: Lightly alkalized cocoa powders have a light brown color and a mild chocolate flavor. Lightly alkalized cocoa powders are used in hot chocolate drinks, breakfast cocoas, instant drink mixes, compound coatings, pastes, syrups, pudding and ice cream powders, and ice creams; dairy products like puddings, chocolate milks, and custards; bakery products like devil’s food cake and brownies; and cereal.

Medium Alkalized: Medium alkalized cocoa powders have a brown color and a mild to full cocoa flavor. The main applications for medium alkalized cocoa products are dairy products like mousses, chocolate milks, and puddings; dairy mixes, ice creams, syrups, toppings, frostings, fudges, pastes, chocolate confectionery, bakery products, and mixes.

Red Alkalized: Red alkalized cocoa powders have a deep red color and an intense and full bodied cocoa flavor. They find their applications in dairy products like chocolate milks, puddings, and ice creams; toppings, syrups, frostings, cereal, and various bakery products.

Dark Red: Dark red cocoa powders have a dark red color and a strong cocoa flavor. The main applications are cakes, various baking products, breakfast cocoas, and cereal.

Dark Brown: Dark brown cocoa powders have a dark brown color and a strong and full cocoa flavor. The main applications are baking products and cereal.